The Laver Confronts Lord Fridge Corner

September 23, 2017

“My Good Lord of Fridge Corner”, says The Laver. “Hello Laver,” says Lord Fridge Corner. “Dost thou persist in thy dirty coldness, My Lord?” says the Laver. “Must I, bound by oaths innumerable and sacred, cut at your icy grease with my warm cutlass of cloth — warmed in the waters of Castle Sinkwell? Say now, dost thou persist?” Responds Lord Fridge Corner to my lord: “I dost.” To which my Valiant Laver replies: “Then Taste of my wet cloth thou frost-livered Scum” and without a word more rubs out the scurvy scum of the fridge, and this defiant disloyal baneful scourge of the Earl of Cleannly and his thanes is no more.


September 23, 2017

–At the mail box, instead of dropping my mail in, I nearly took my glasses off and threw them in (this was one of the public boxes outside the post office.)

–At the grocery, found I was bent over tying my shoes as the first of my grocery items reached the cashier (would she know the purchaser of the dry goods was present? Or would she be startled when I suddenly “popped up” from tying my shoes?)

–Twice, in a short time period, and in two different conversations, the year 1937 was brought up (1) as the year when it was thought that the movie The Lady Vanishes had been released; (2) as the year when, if you were born before it, you would not need to remove your shoes at the airport.